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Salvatores Barber Shop is in Redland / Westbury Park and offers modern / classic mens, children and senior citizens haircuts, beard trims and re-styling. We have a no queuing system via this online booking system and can accommodate walk-ins if spaces are available.

Our address is – 125 Coldharbour Road, Westbury Park, BRISTOL, BS6 7SN.

Why come to us?

Excellent question…why come to us? Ever since I started barbering in 1987 I had always wondered why people would want to wait hours for a simply 15 minute haircut. The answer…that was all we knew back then. We didn’t know any different and going to a ladies hair salon to book an appointment like our partners did wasn’t really an option. We didn’t want to sit next to blue rinse customers and listen to their misfortunes. Queuing had its problems too, the stories I could tell…. customers popping out to get a drink in the summer (when we used to have them) and finding another 4 customers had walked in, then there was the father who queued for his kids who were still in bed and then customers forgetting their place in the queue etc etc.

So in 2002, I decided after counting 17 customers waiting in my salon to do something about it. My system was the result. Men simply want a good quality haircut at a reasonable price without having to spend most of the only time / day off they had waiting in my shop. My system gives both of us control of our time; I control the hours I work and you the customer control when in your schedule you can get a haircut. My environment gives customers the consistency they want, which is a consistently good quality haircut, the use of very high quality equipment and a pleasant conversation. My environment gives me the satisfaction of seeing repeat customers in an un-rushed procedure and a constant stream of new customers who were recommended by existing ones or find my way of working is what they’ve always been looking for.

The result speaks for itself, just look at my schedule.