Movember 2009

November 2009

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Movember Shave Off
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Daily blog
Monday 30th November – It’s finally here, the end. Raised over £60.00 today including a generous £20.00 online donation, brining our total to £860.13. Had rung the Evening Post again this morning and still no response. Finish off the evening with the big shave off plus a glass of Asti with our customer Simon Lamont who gave us the idea. Thank you everyone.
Saturday 28th November – Last busy day of our Movember. Good collections today bringing us close to that £800.00 mark. We should top it on Monday to well over £800.00. Last photo update tonight.
Friday 27th November – Another busy Friday. Get our second online donation making today’s collections total over £50.00. Still waiting for the Evening Post to respond but I think it may now be too late for them to arrange an article on Monday, never mind. Might still get our Movember customers together on Monday evening.
Thursday 26th November – The beginning of the end is in sight. Less that a week to go before the big shaving off ceremony. Rang Evening Post again today but still no response so left a message and will hopefully get a return call tomorrow before it’s too late. Raised just over £45.00 today bringing us pounds short of £700.00. Just three more collection days left.
Tuesday 24th November – Despite having to close half day for a family funeral today, managed to raise over £40.00. Tried to contact Evening Post but no response, will try again tomorrow. Not much more to say today, very emotional day, RIP Padrina Angela.
Monday 23rd November – Decided to maybe have a little get together next Monday evening with all the Movember customers and hopefully have the Evening Post in for a group photo, glass of champers and help all the customers clipper off their Mo’s. Just waiting for the contact number for the reporter. Another good day with just over £45.00 going into the pot, bring the total now over £600.00. Will we get to the £1000.00??? with just 7 days left…it’s going to be very close.
Saturday 21st November – Another full Saturday with lots of banter with most of it going to Filippo LOL. He was told that he resembled Ron Jeremy, Captain Chaos from the Gumball Rally and one of the Chuckle Brothers. Now getting close to the £600.00 mark with just one week left. Going to contact the Evening Post on Monday and see if we can get some publicity.
Friday 20th November – Finally get over the £500.00 barrier on another busy day. Plenty of banter and donations today and lots more customers who are also doing the Movember. Photo update tomorrow night so better trim the facial hair.
Thursday 19th November – Another cracking day. Tache makes it on to national ITV news this evening. Got asked by Steve from Triangle TV if I’d appear with him on a “Freeview change over” article and thought why not, let the WORLD well Bristol see the mighty tache. Within minutes started getting texts from everyone. Must of sounded like a farmer…
Tuesday 17th November – Very quiet today at the barbers with only a dozen or so bookings so donations were lower than other days however we’re gone through the £400.00 mark and now heading for the £500.00.
Monday 16th November – It only seemed like yesterday that we started our Movember campaign and now half way through we are just a mere 73 pence short of collecting £400.00. Today’s collections were better that Saturdays, bumping it up by exactly £70.00. Just can not believe how generous everyone is, which makes me think what a great idea this was to have in our barber shop where everyone one of our customers can relate to it in someway or another. Roll on the next two weeks…
Saturday 14th November – Another filled up day with Filippo getting his share of the trade today. Overall today has so far been the best day for donations with over £60.00 in the tin. We both trim our taches for this weeks photo shoot. Should be busy next week as its six weeks before Christmas.
Friday 13th November – Another great day with collection getting close to the £300.00 mark. Was told that I’m starting to look like Freddie Mercury, lucky it ain’t George Michael LOL. Think Filippo is cheating a little bit by keeping his chin area longer than his face??? is he going for the goatee look?? Will have to shave it off tomorrow for the photo update.
Thursday 12th November – Tache is getting so long now that I had to towel dry it this morning after the shower, misses couldn’t stop laughing. Despite being quiet today managed to raise nearly £30. Hopefully should reach the £300 mark by the end of the week.
Tuesday 10th November – Get our first internet donation today bumping our total to over £200 pounds. Tache now starting to itch and tickle.
Monday 9th November – It’s been a week now, tache is about 7mm long and starting to look cool (not). Had a good weekend which should hopefully bring in some more donations. Filippo decide to shave off his long side boards which joined his tache as his misses told him he looked like a right plonker. Bought my son a false tache from Carnival Costumes so that he can join in. Nearly hitting the £200 mark.
Saturday 7th November – Busy Saturday as usual. Had first shave today which has made the tache look longer. Still not symmetrical thou, think my right side is at a dodgy angle. Everyone’s happy with what we are doing, and donations go through the roof today. Out tonight, dreading the micky taking I’m going to get, but they as long as they donate.
Friday 6th November – Another quiet morning but full afternoon. Get our first non customer / haircut donations today bumping up our total to over £100. Full Saturday as usual with most bookings done this week, so everyone coming in should know what we are doing. Got our weekly tache photo tomorrow, so return tomorrow to check our progress.
Thursday 5th November – Very quiet today, only 2 booked in this morning and about 10 this afternoon, so didn’t expect to raise much. Printed off an A4 poster for our waiting table, so customers should now know what’s going on before they sit in the chair. Spent all day stroking my tache, hoping it would grow a mil to two more, but that must be an old wife’s tale?? Starting to think about having a shave but tache looks good with a zero stubble, so will keep clippering the face until the tache is about 10 mils long. Collect £11 pounds today, so averaged out at nearly a pound a customer. Go a nearly full day tomorrow, so hopefully back to normal.
Tuesday 3rd November – Second working day of the marathon moustache growing event and my handle bars are starting to feel like they’re growing. Donations weren’t as good as yesterday but we’re still above our expect amount. Day off tomorrow, so dig deep online at
Monday 2nd November – Well its here and what a start. Can’t believe the response we’ve both had from our customers, collecting just over £50 on our first day. Hope it continues like this, which will mean we’ll collect well over £1,000 by the end of Movember. Nice to see all the banter plus how well know thisMovember is, didn’t hear it until our loyal customer Simon Lamont told us all about it. Another busy day tomorrow, so hope to collect just as much if not more.