Tips on booking your haircut

As the days progress during the week we begin to become busier (in the sense of the day becomes fully booked faster than normal). As a general rule, the first and last slots of the day are the most wanted and they tend to be booked up weeks or months in advance with customers booking these slots before they leave. Special occasions such as weddings or holidays can make these slots fill up quickly.

Mondays and Tuesdays slots are available within an hours time and we become fully booked usually by 2:00pm. As we’re closed on Wednesday, Thursday morning is booked before the day starts with slots available after lunch (1:00pm) and before the school rush (3:30pm). Fridays mornings are very unpredictable and can sometimes remain un-booked with the afternoon often booked at midday as customers finish their week on a half day (lucky for some). Finally Saturday is often fully booked before the day starts however during the end of spring to mid summer, we become less busier as all our student clientele leave and the holiday season starts.